Phone Hunt

Using a Nokia 3110 for five years is stretching things a bit too far. Bought at a modest amount of 5000 rupees with my first salary, I can hardly complain about the durability, sturdiness and all the other adjectives that Nokia usually boasts of.
I had been trying to buy a new mobile for the last two years now. I had even spent a very major part of my free office time browsing through all possible mobile brand websites instead of gossiping with my female colleagues about the latest office news or chatting with my latest office crushes. I had bugged innumerable people for their feedback and visited every electronics showroom around. Brand after brand were rejected with one excuse or another. During a moment of self enlightenment, I even ended up comparing my mobile phone search with the activity of groom searching (hunting?).

Me: You remember the first time we bought a mobile? We just bought it. Did not think much about the features, colours, facilities etc. And eventually got used to the phone and very slowly fell in love with it too. But now, the more we are exploring our options, more confusing this activity is turning out to be.
Roommate: What’s your point?
Me: Maybe groom hunting is similar?
Roommate: You are losing it you know?

So anyway, looking back, here is a list of options I considered and eventually rejected and then finally bought a new mobile after five long years:

Nokia: Already used once. The experimental Taurean inside me absolutely FORBIDS me to use it again.

HTC: Heavenly mobile phones to die for. ANDROID! Everything I want in a mobile. In a moment of extreme love, had gifted one to my ex almost a year back which was duly lost by him a week later. We broke up a few months after that. Have hated the brand ever since.
Sister: No Blackberry didi!
Ok. Sulk. Move on.

Motorola: Will definitely reconsider the day I finally start living in a cave.

LG: Huh?
Dad got a bold. Any devious/emotional way to get it from him?
Friends: No Blackberry!
Ok. Sulk. Sigh. Why are life decisions so complicated? When did life become so confusing? Growing up is tough. Move on. Anyway they don’t have FM.

iPhone: Drool worthy. EVERYTHING. SIMPLY EVERYTHING. (Note to Self: Need to hunt down a rich husband ASAP)
NB: Being a girl does have its advantages at times isn’t it.

Samsung: Ever met a person you have just hated without any reason the moment you met him/her and cannot even describe why exactly it is so? Me and Samsung have the same relation.

Reluctantly I started browsing Nokia phones. Even finalized a couple of models. Finally a major life decision taken. Not 100% happy with it but remember the groom hunting analogy?

Then last month, I catch the following news on IBNlive:
Just In: The Rs 10,990 Blackberry Curve 9220.
What further catches my attention is the following line on Page 6: “A feature that is rare for Blackberry phones, the 9220 comes with built-in FM radio“.

Something similar?

Yes, something quite similar happened.

I start feeling like Tom from the famous Tom & Jerry cartoons. I imagine my eyes popping out with a loud “DOINK” sound the way Tom’s does when he sees the ultimate femme fatale pink & white cat. Nokia gets rejected on the spot. No amount of convincing from anyone could now stop me from buying this mobile. It was love at first sight. The excitement level goes over the top when I finally bring home the new Blackberry Curve 9220. Blissfully going through each and every feature of the phone, feeling satisfied to have FINALLY bought a new mobile after five long years, I feel happy.

After the initial excitement dies down a bit, I put the mobile down and keep staring at its black body for a long time. And then, I wonder…what the hell am I doing with a business phone anyway? Should have gone for one of those pink glittery ones to maybe bump up my non existing pretty lady aura a bit?

Note to Self: Should someday accept it that girl’s really are always confused.

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