Turtle Diaries

JJ is a “Red Eared Slider Turtle”. He came to be with us as my 25th Birthday present. Following are a few photographs from JJ’s first few days with us.

Looking into the Ocean:
This picture of JJ was taken during his first week with us. We had just finished decorating his tank with wallpaper, stones and leaves. We had selected an ocean background wallpaper for him and had placed a rock in front of the wallpaper for JJ to sit on when he got tired of swimming. When we put JJ inside the tank he simply went and perched himself on the rock and kept staring at the wallpaper. He kept staring at the deep blue picture of the sea. I don’t know what he was thinking at that time but I sometimes think that maybe he was trying to imagine what his life would have been outside the four walls of the tank and in a vast ocean. He continued doing that for a long long time for the next few days. Then slowly he started getting used to his surroundings and his new life inside the tank.

Coriander and Loose Motion:

The first time we tried to feed JJ coriander leaves, he fled with lightening speed to the other end of the tank. He didn’t come out of his hiding place under the rock for a long time. Maybe he didn’t like the strong smell of coriander. This happened when he was just a week old with us. Next week I tried again. Instead of trying to feed him, I simply put a coriander leaf inside his tank. Slowly and cautiously he swimmed towards the leaf. He inspected the leaf for a long time. And then within seconds the leaf was gone. We fed him a few more leaves and soon he finished up an entire coriander stick. And then disaster! JJ’s poop was always green in color because of the turtle food we used to feed him. But suddenly he started giving out brown muddy poop. The entire tank filled up with brown JJ poop. Maybe he had loose motions. Or is that what turtle poop is supposed to look like when they eat natural food?

Who is that on the other side of the tank? This was one more of JJ’s many first time antics inside the tank. He would keep looking at his own reflection in the tank trying to figure out how to reach the turtle on the other side. Sometimes he would wildly start flapping his hands and legs and try to climb out of the tank. Like manyof his other doubts, this one too soon faded away. Either he realized that the reflection was his own or he just gave up as the turtle on the other side as unreachable.

Smile Please:

On a lazy rainy monday, the Indian politicians declared Bharat Bandh. I woke JJ up early in the morning before anyone else got up and took him out of his tank. It was time for JJ’s morning walk in the balcony. I placed him on the floor and he started walking wildly on the floor, flapping his hands and legs madly as he always does while swimming, covering himself with hair, dirt and what not on his way. It took a long time and various positions from my end to take this picture as he would not stay at one place for more than a second. Finally, the red light in my camera caught his attention and he kept looking at it while I finally clicked this photo.

Same Pinch:

This too happened during his lazy rainy monday morning walk. I placed the toy turtle in front of him and he got scared of it. Immediately his head, hands and legs went inside his shell. But after some time, very slowly, he took out his head partially. The sight was really funny. After some time he simply fled in the opposite direction. Yes, we do have a very fattu turtle!

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