Welcome Monsoon

At the end of the long dark tunnel, lighted with occasional orange halogen bulbs, I see a foggy grey sky. Grey clouds, grey raindrops, a long grey road winding towards an unknown destination, and a vast shifting grey sky covering it all.

The Mumbai-Pune Expressway in the rainy season. Here, you don’t just drive. You either drive and feel euphoric. Or, you sit next to the driver and feel jealous. I was feeling jealous to my core seeing my friend conquer the beautiful grey curves of the expressway. If the road was magnificent, the surrounding was simply breathtaking. The beauty of the Western Ghats during the monsoons cannot be described in words simply. It can only be felt and experienced. Only eyes can see this grey and green beauty. Only the skin can feel the drops of rain falling on your face when you look towards the dark grey sky and close your eyes with a feeing of extreme joy. Words don’t do justice to the fresh dampness around. It can only be smelled.

No, words can never describe this beautiful feeling and we all sat there speechless… Lost in our own thoughts.

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One Response to Welcome Monsoon

  1. Anindita says:

    Loved the articles !! Proud of you !!

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