Hourglass Inversion

“Ignite the flames,
That burn the ashes down insane.
Make this day.
Remember that I’ll never give in.
I never left this dream”

– Hourglass Inversion

DREAMS. That beautiful secret world where we escape when we sleep.
Those beautiful stories that our mind conjures up and even though we
forget most of it, the beautiful feelings linger for a long time. But
what about the dreams we see when we are awake? Those obsessive dreams
which refuse to leave us. Dreams that keep us awake and make us fight
against everything to bring them to reality.

I feel fortunate to be friends with four such dreamers. Dreamers who
dreamed of cheering crowds, worshiping fans, and yes, the fame as
well. But mostly, dreams of leading their lives musically. Dreams of
spending the rest of their lives cocooned in a warm musical blanket.
They are the alternate rock band “Hourglass Inversion” from Pune,

Today, finally, after a long road of struggle, they stand on the brink
of fame. Today, they have finally started hoping that the dream which
kept them awake for so long, is perhaps, now just round the corner.
Today, their music is silent in anticipation. Today, they represent
India in the Hard Rock Cafe’s Global Battle of Bands.

It is perhaps cruel that music should be so beautiful. It has the
beauty of loneliness, of pain, of strength and freedom. The beauty of
disappointment and never-satisfied love. The cruel beauty of nature
and everlasting beauty of monotony. “Remember Us”, reminds me of all
of these. But it also reminds me of the pain, the anger, the
helplessness hidden inside each one of us. It reminds me that in spite
of everything, we should never give up and keep fighting. My
interpretation. Do give a hear to this new explosive expression of
feelings on the below link and DO VOTE. Remember Them.


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