How to forget the girl on the bike?

She turned to see if her husband had also heard the laughter. He was lost in his own thoughts while driving. Sighing, she went back to looking out of the window, soon lost in her own thoughts as well. She smiled when she saw the girl laughing again. Something her partner said made her throw back her head and laugh like a happy kid, her hair flying wildly as the bike sped past their car. She kept staring at them for a while, remembering herself as she used to be. Remembering the girl who was madly in love. Love, that was never meant to be.
She sat smiling for some time. How did life change so much? How to come out of this constant crushing feeling of fear that things will never get better? She looked at her husband again, trying to think of something to say to him. Anything. There must be something. A piece of news she had read, or something about the book she was reading? She could say something about their family members, or how about that latest piece of gossip she had heard at work? With a feeling of helplessness she kept thinking of one topic and then another as words kept failing her.
“How was work today?”
“Usual. What about you?”
“It was good.”
And once again that uncomfortable silence between them continued. Silently, they both continued saying all the things they were scared to say out loud to each other. She could not blame him for anything. He was a good man. He had tried from his side. Had he finally given up? Oh, if only she could hear his thoughts for once and know what he was thinking. But the silence had crept in between them like a heavy presence. Always there, never leaving. What could she do? A small part of her replied “Everything”.
But then…How to forget the girl on the bike?

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